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  About Magic Image 

Magic Image, the cornerstone of eUNISOL’s Network Enterprise and IMC suites, is no mere restoration program. On the contrary, it is a protection program that will change the way you think about system recovery solutions.

Magic Image protects your system from the effects of unwanted changes, intrusions, software glitches and a myriad of possible problems. What makes it unique is the simple way it accomplishes this. Magic Restore really is magic. 

Magic Image works under the simple premise of remembering how a system is setup and running. Upon installation, Magic Restore memorizes where each piece of data is written and can recover this when called upon. It doesn’t rearrange anything, but rather remembers how things were arranged.  

Compared to traditional recovery methods like re-imaging, or disk/tape back Magic Restore represents a huge step forward in recovery technology.

Magic Image:

  • Restores all files in less than a minute

  • Restores all settings

  • Restores all applications

  • Recovers even if Windows fails to boot

  • Supports multiple OS boot

  • Restores even after reformatting the primary partition

  • Restores to Manufacture’s specifications

  • Protects additional drives

  • User and Admin password protected

  • Restores after any virus, worm or Trojan infection

  • Can be scheduled to set restore points

  • Saves multiple restore points

  • Requires no additional software or hardware to operate.

  • Has a very small footprint

Magic Image gives users and administrators a quick and easy way of recovering from problems created by damage to software and OS. It can decrease downtime and make recovery quick and easy.

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